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Managing Inter@ctively "This is a well-structured, informative, and concise book. The glossary is an added bonus-- it not only defines familiar terms for neophytes, but also contains clear definitions of terms that web veterans will find useful. The book is a terrific resource for entrepreneurs."

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Home Office Know How "Annie's book succinctly shows why she is the 'Digital Maven'. She's a seasoned Internet pro who can teach the rest of us how to make the Web a positive and profitable experience-- from creating our presence to forging deals to bringing visitors back again and again. It's a must read for anyone interested in finding a successful place on the World Wide Web."

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"Digital Maven's Guide To Internet Success is a concise, practical guide for building successful web sites that's easy to understand and doesn't burden the reader with an overabundance of technical informaton. The content is straightforward and logically put together, much like a successful web site should be."

 Gary Korb